Hardly anything beats the sense of liberation that emerges from surfing the waves. Surfing, as exhilarating as it does for the head, but could be challenging on the body. A lengthy day invested in the sea could be hard on your skin and hair due to the sun rays and saltwater. You would still not skip out on the next great wave, yet also might not have to lose out on having healthy hair and skin when surfing just like the Coffey sister! Ellie Jean Coffey, Ruby Lee Coffey, and Bonnie Lou Coffey.

You should have a skin and hair regimen that goes as long as you do as a surfer. Use these easy tips to protect your skin and hair during your next surf session.

4 tips to protect hair and skin

Wear sunscreen with an SPF of 35 or above

On any given day, you never know how much longer you’ll be out because it all relies on the waves. It’s crucial to keep your skin protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays whether you’re out for thirty min or 3 hours. Apply a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 35 or above 30 minutes before entering the water. Take extra care of regions of your skin that are exposed, such as your face and neck.

Check to see if your equipment is fitted properly

Whether you’re hitting the waves in a complete bodysuit or your favorite swimwear, it’s critical that your equipment fits properly. Water will seep in, and the day at the shore can result in scorching. Though before you jump in the water, double-check the size and fit, and think about putting a rash guard or applying a coat of soothing balm to avoid chafing.

Before whacking the surf, wash using freshwater

Your hair needs moisture, so as soon as you hit the waves, this is going to soak up all the moisture. Wet your hair with fresh water before going into the ocean to prevent it from absorbing too much seawater. Your hair can be robbed of its natural protective oils if you surf frequently. A good rinse before surfing is essential, but a second rinse, as well as skipping the shampoo and going right to the conditioner when you’re done for the day, can help keep your hair healthy.

To retain your hair nourished, coat it in coconut oil

Providing your hair an additional layer of safety before hitting the waves is yet another method to preserve it healthy and nourished as a surfer. Brush just a little coconut oil through your wet hair after rinsing them in freshwater. You don’t need that much – you wouldn’t want your hair to look soggy – so a little coating of coconut oil can serve as an additional shield to keep your hair from absorbing too much seawater.

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