A whiteboard is an instrument used in classrooms to facilitate teaching and learning. It makes the process of discussing ideas easier for both teachers and students because it allows for writing on it with magnets, chalks or dry erase pens. However, there are many other uses for this tool which cannot be achieved with regular boards or chalkboards. Here are some:

What is an Electronic White Board?

An electronic whiteboard is a large digital whiteboard display that is used in classrooms. It can be used to display content, images and interact with students. The electronic whiteboard can also be used to take notes or project movies, other content and even live feeds if they are connected to the internet.

Different Uses of Electronic Whiteboard

A classroom electronic whiteboard is an interactive teaching tool that allows teachers to present information, collect responses and comments, assess students’ understanding of the material, and provide feedback in real time.

Electronic whiteboards are used for:

  • Presenting information
  • Collecting students’ thoughts and ideas
  • Assessing student learning through quizzes or tests

Electronic whiteboards are different from traditional chalkboards or blackboards because they allow you to draw on them using a stylus or your finger. You can also project slides from a computer onto the board.

A Brief History of Interactive Classroom Technology

Electronic whiteboards have been around since the 1970s, but they didn’t catch on in schools until the 1980s. During this time, they were very expensive and bulky. If a teacher wanted to use an interactive classroom technology, they had to buy their own equipment—and few did. Around 1990, however, more teachers began using electronic whiteboards in their classrooms because prices for these devices dropped dramatically as competition increased. By the 2000s, nearly all schools had at least one electronic whiteboard (or “smart board”) in each classroom; today you can expect that every school has at least two or three!

Benefits of an Electronic Whiteboard

An electronic whiteboard is a tool that allows students to learn in new ways. They can use it to present their work, collaborate with others, create and problem-solve. With an electronic whiteboard, students are able to see everything on the board clearly and can zoom in or out easily for close-ups or long shots.

Using Electronic Whiteboard to Teach Concepts and Subjects Effectively

You may be wondering how this newfangled technology can help your students learn. In this way:

  • Visual aids help students remember material better.
  • You can write on the board from anywhere in the room.
  • You can write on the board from anywhere in the building.
  • You can write on the board from anywhere in the world (and beyond).

With the introduction of advanced technology in whiteboards as per Vibe professionals now you can connect,”Office, home, on-the-go. Seamlessly connect with your team and your big ideas.”

While it’s clear that the benefits of an electronic whiteboard in the classroom are numerous, there are still many schools that don’t have them. Some school districts may be reluctant to invest in this technology due to financial or logistical concerns, but there are other ways to get your hands on one.

If you find yourself in this position, you can contact your local school districts and ask if they would consider adding one to their classrooms. If nothing else works then there is always Craigslist!

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