Mascara is one of the most favorite cosmetic products of many girls. If girls do not apply full makeup on their skin still, they never miss mascara. Because this one product can give volume, curl, length to your lashes and can make your eyes graceful. Mostly mascara is liquid in texture and filled in a tube with an applicator inside it.

When you need to apply one or two coats of mascara, you can drag that applicator out on which already mascara is present and directly apply it on your lases. Various brands are there who make mascara and fulfill the requirement of the public like:

Benefit cosmetics long lash mascara

  1. Sephora
  2. L.F cosmetics
  3. CoverGirl Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara
  4. Dior
  5. Essence mascara
  6. Maybelline New York
  7. Loreal Paris
  8. Lacome
  9. Chanel mascara

These products focus not only on the quality of their product but also on the packaging styles. That is why after making mascara, they pack them in Mascara Boxes of various sizes and styles to impress the public. So now let us discuss how to Enhance your mascara boxes sale on Christmas with these simple tips.

Use of sturdy packaging:

The first tip related to mascara packaging boxes is the use of sturdy material to make these boxes if you want to boost your organization’s sales. Like cardboard material as these are the sturdiest packaging and can save your mascara tubes from damage or leakage during transportation due to bumpy or uneven roads. Girls love makeup, and when they place orders, they are waiting for their order to arrive quickly so they can test the pigmentation of the cosmetic goods.

If you use fragile packaging, then the first bad impression is created, and even your goods are still good, people will dislike your brand because of the wrong packaging boxes. And they will avoid your brand next time during online shopping. That is why try to create a good impression by using mascara packaging bulk made from cardboard material. Contrary to this, these boxes do not let moisture, heat radiations, bacteria, or dust enter the box and spoil and expire the mascara.

Target the demographic by utilizing unique designs:

Try to choose unique designs for the mascara boxes wholesale that can enhance the beauty of your plain boxes. These designs must be simple because simple attracts more than complicated ones. Some examples for the designs on the Mascara Boxes are:

  • Floral and earthy designs
  • Foil and stamp embossing
  • Print the images of mascara or eyes on these boxes

Besides this, you have to update your packaging with the time and occasions as well. As we all know, Christmas is coming, so you can print the Santa clause or Christmas tree on these custom mascara boxes to indicate the blessings and wishes of Christmas to the customers. Whatever the design is, you can print it on the box packaging by using any printing technique that falls within your budget range, and your labor knows how to use it as well.

Add minimal fonts and short messages:

Try to add minimal fonts and short messages on the mascara packaging boxes. These fonts are related information to the mascara that all the customers should know before buying it like:

  • Manufacturing and Expiry date
  • Ingredients of the mascara
  • Ways to use

Secondly, short messages on the mascara packaging bulk will be the characteristics that will persuade the public to buy the mascara of your brand at any cost. For instance, you can print:

  • Say no to false lashes and yes to mascara coating
  • One mascara coat is equal to flawless pretty eyes
  • Our mascara will make your lashes darker and prominent

Moreover, many of such lines on the box of mascara will rapidly boost your product’s sales.

Showy colors should be your top priority.

Choose amazing colors for the mascara boxes wholesale. You can go for light or dark colors depending on your choice. But try to go with bold colors because they can attract the public from a distance, like a yellow, blue, purple, and dark pink. Besides this, you can use red, green, and white colors on the Christmas box packaging because they will symbolize Christmas Eve and Coney your greetings to your respected customers.

Find special sizes and shapes in box packaging:

Make custom mascara boxes of the exact size as the mascara that you have to pack inside. Such size is very convenient for both parties because

  • They are easy to make,
  • Can reduce the product movement inside the box
  • And can reduce the transportation cost for the customers.

That is why try to make slim-fit boxes. Contrary to this, find fantastic shapes for the mascara packaging boxes. The shape that looks appealing and gives an excellent unboxing experience to the customers will be perfect for the mascara packaging bulk. For instance:

  • Square boxes with a window
  • Mascara boxes with handles or compartments
  • Transparent mascara boxes

You can select any shape you want, but it must be according to the latest market trends and customers’ likes.

Always use your mascara boxes wholesale to promote your brand at a cheap rate. One can achieve this target by printing the brand name on the boxes by using any printing technique. You must print the logo on the front side of the box so that more and more people can know about your company and as a result sales will also increase slowly but steadily. The logo on custom mascara boxes is the cheapest source of promotion, so you must avail this opportunity at any cost.


So, these are the simple tips that all business firms must follow if you want to increase the sales of custom mascara boxes. Try to be creative and follow the latest market trends to make innovative packaging that can help your brand lead the competitive market by standing out of the crowd. Indeed, it will be an outstanding achievement for your firm when all other brands try to follow your packaging styles.

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